2D Design Submission Requirements: 
PLEASE NOTE: This year all entries will need to be submitted digitally only. Please ensure that you are familiar with our Entry Rules for this year’s competition before proceeding.

  • Any design entry can be entered in one section only.
  • No more than 2 pages to be submitted per entry. We recommend:
    o   One page to focus on presenting your design proposal, including to scale and with appropriate technical details/ supporting text.
    o   One page to present any research, background, design development/ supporting text.
  • For the purposes of digital judging, if you feel that any hand-written text will be ineligible in your images, please use the placeholder on the application form to type in your text or commentary by way of an aide.  
  •  Maximum file size 2MB.
  •  Accepted file format: pdf, doc, docx, jpg, jpeg, png.

We are at hand to assist with any queries and will be hosting a FAQ Surgeries for entrants over the next few months.


Entries will be primarily judged on creative ideas and design merit, with due consideration given to the standard of craftsmanship. Pieces entered in sections 11 -17 can be submitted in one section only, with the exception of section 18 where appropriate technology has been used and demonstrated. Work in these sections can also be entered in any of the relevant sections 19 – 32.

Within sections 11 – 32 and where appropriate, entrants are encouraged to provide an explanation of the concept behind their product, including information that illustrates any significant features of the entry. There will be a placeholder on the entry form for this (Max 150 words).


The following information applies to ALL craft sections, please read this carefully as well as the Entry Rules as submissions will be digital this year. 

  • Entries will be judged on technical ability and excellence of craft skills. However, and where appropriate, originality, creativity and presentation will be taken into consideration.
  • Materials and methods of manufacture used must be specified i.e. hand, production, technological processes etc.
  • If several specialist craftsmen for different sections enter an item, these details need to be submitted separately.
  • Where relevant, articles entered must be in a finished condition. Entrants are encouraged to submit in precious metals wherever possible and such entries must conform to hallmarking legislation if applicable.
  • Junior entrants may submit samples of different techniques not necessarily finished pieces i.e. Setters, Diamond Mounters.  


These sections are judged on both the quality of craftsmanship in combination with creative design, style and visual impact.   


Awarded at the discretion of Council, the Special, Major & Premier Awards are the highest accolades afforded by the Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council.

With the exception of the Gem-A Award and the Master & Apprentice Award for which entrants need to apply for on their entry forms, exceptional entries will be identified for consideration by the judges for the relevant Special, Major or Premier Awards if they satisfy the requirements.

Further details on the specific merits of each of these Awards are explained below:


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