The Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council Special Bursary *NEW*

This bursary provides an excellent incentive for all aspiring engravers and/or chasers to participate in the competition.  Everyone who enters work into either the engraving or chasing sections will be able to apply for this Special GC&DC Bursary, which offers a marvellous opportunity to learn alongside a master craftsperson.

It is designed to promote and aid career, technical and creative development which aims to support craftsmen and women in providing some workshop experience with an established specialist expert in these ever-important and invaluable allied crafts.   

Who can apply?

Entries for this bursary will be considered from both the engraving and chasing sections (see below) using the following rationale/criteria: 

  • It is specifically for the development and advancement of technical and creative skills through workshop experience with an established/experienced craftsperson;
  • The bursary will be open to any entrant showing promise in their competition submission/s, and this doesn’t have to be a Gold, Silver or Bronze winner;
  • There is no age restriction.

How to apply

Entrants will need to provide a brief statement, maximum 50 words, about how the Bursary will enhance their own practice and state their preferred discipline and technique they wish to develop. 

Entrants from the sections below can apply for this bursary

You may apply for this bursary via the entry form. 


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