s.10 Make Your Mark

Design any item, product or jewel that promotes, enhances and celebrates the London Hallmark.

Sponsored by the Goldsmiths' Company Assay Office.

On a theme or topic of your choice, design an item of jewellery, smallwork or silverware that promotes, enhances and celebrates the London Hallmark. Of crucial importance, will be the scale of your idea that will enable the hallmarks to be a contributory and complimentary feature to your overall design. 

Of Additional interest and appeal, there is a brand-new commemorative mark that has been designed to celebrate Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee. The Queen will be the first British Monarch to have served the nation for seventy years. This component mark is available at all Assay Offices from November 2021, further information is available on the Assay Office website. 

Designs can be presented as a hand drawn presentation or CAD illustration, or in combination. You must include a scaled drawing and specifications such as measurements and materials used and comply to current legislation for UK Hallmarking. Mixed metal/other material proposals must contain the legal minimum amount of precious metal. Thought must be given to its construction, as well as a description relating to your inspiration, concept and development.

Entrants need to state the reasoning behind the placement/use of the hallmark and can also indicate the method of hallmarking (laser or struck), and size of marks (0.5mm to 6mm). 

Isabella Kelley - Celebration Whiskey & Olive Set - Gold Award & The MYM Award - 2020/21
Isabella Kelley - Celebration Whiskey & Olive Set

Gold Award & The MYM Award - 2020/21


Key points of consideration are:

  • Originality and aesthetic appeal;
  • Good standards of visual communication and presentation will be highly regarded;
  • A successful design includes functionality;
  • A celebration of the London Hallmark;
  • Hallmarks should be proportionately scaled and positioned to feature and complement the design;
  • An understanding of the various components of a Hallmark.

Guidance & Entry Form Requirements

  • Entries must comply with the 2D design guidelines;
  • Good standards of visual communication and presentation will be highly regarded;
  • Description of your design, the concept and material specifications (gemstones and finished metal weight) must be provided on the design board.
  • Specify what materials would be needed for the prototype should you proceed to the 3D round and bear in mind the commercial aspect of your choices. 
  • Outline method/s of manufacture and proposed retail value. 
  • Entrants are requested to declare on the entry form if they have had their design rendered by a CAD technician or a digital artist.

There will be placeholders on the entry form for you to explain your design concept and the tools or techniques / processes that you have used. We encourage entrants to use these placeholders wisely. The information you provide will be ensure that judges can make informed decision

  • Design Concept: Please explain the idea and concept behind your design in meeting the brief requirements (Max 150 words)
  • Techniques & Technology used: It is important that you explain the techniques you have used to make your piece i.e. gouache, CAD, Illustrator, watercolours, Procreate etc. This will be used in the judging process and you may be at a disadvantage if it is unclear how the entry was designed. (Max 150 words)

Make Your Mark (MYM) proved to be the UK’s biggest information event for apprentices and students of jewellery, silversmithing and the allied trades.  Led by the Goldsmiths’ Company Assay Office and held at Goldsmiths’ Hall, this educational convention quickly grew into an immensely popular, important and valuable event for advice and networking opportunities. 

Following a successful collaboration in 2020/21, The Goldsmiths’ Company Assay Office and GC&DC teams have once again come together to provide another excellent opportunity for designers to be inventive in using hallmarks as an integral and attractive part of creative design. 

The Hallmark is regarded as the oldest form of consumer protection, but it can also be used creatively both as a marketing feature and a striking design element. Not only does it provide provenance, but it can also be used as a mechanism to commemorate special occasions i.e. The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, events and highlight heritage. So here is your opportunity to make your own mark and positive contribution to design and hallmarking by competing for this special, attractive and unique award.    

This wonderful opportunity is inviting designers to celebrate the London Hallmark by designing a contemporary item, jewel or product in precious metals.

09 Jan

Online entry deadline (for ALL entries)

25-27 Jan

All 3D entries submission / post-in days @ Goldsmiths' Centre, London

28 Feb

Awards Ceremony @ The Goldsmiths' Hall, London

09-11 Mar

Collection & post-back of entries; The Goldsmiths' Centre, London


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