3D Finished Pieces

Craft & Design Sections 2021/22

Design & Craft Sections 30 - 33

These sections are judged on both the quality of craftsmanship in combination with creative design, style and visual impact.   

  • Entries in this section must be physical pieces. 3D renders will not be accepted. 
  • Materials and methods of manufacture used must be specified i.e. hand, production, technological processes, CAD, RP, CNC, Laser sintering etc.
  • If several specialist craftspeople for different sections enter an item, these details need to be submitted on the entry form where indicated. 
  • Where relevant, articles entered must be in a finished condition. Entrants are encouraged to submit in precious metals wherever possible and such entries must conform to hallmarking legislation if applicable.

Click on the icons below for the full details on each brief. 

09 Jan 2022

Online entry deadline (for ALL entries)

25-27 Jan 2022

All 3D entries only submission & post-in days @ Goldsmiths' Centre, London

28 Feb 2022

Awards Ceremony @ The Goldsmiths' Hall, London

09-11 Mar 2022

Collection & post-back of entries @ the Goldsmiths' Centre, London


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