s.27 Enamellers & Enamel Painters

(J) Junior          (S) Senior

Any enamelled or enamel painted subject using traditional techniques allied to the jewellers, silversmiths and smallworkers craft may be submitted. 

Entries will be judged on technical ability and excellence of enamelling craft skills. However, and where appropriate, originality, design, creativity and presentation will also be taken into consideration.

All entrants in the enamelling sections (17 & 27) are also encouraged to consider applying for the Phil Barnes Enamelling Bursary as a part of their entry. Please see below for more information. 

Where applicable, if entries contain elements of engraved work entrants are encouraged to also enter their work in the craft section: s.29 Engravers.

Entry Form Requirements

There will be placeholders on the entry form for you to explain your design concept and the tools or techniques / processes that you have used. We encourage entrants to use these placeholders wisely. The information you provide will be ensure that judges can make informed decisions. 

The placeholders are: 

  • Material information: Materials used to produce the piece/s. (Max 150 words) 
  • Processes used to produce the piece/s: It is important that you write down all the techniques you have used to make your piece and especially whether any elements are created using technology. This will be used in the judging process and you may be at a disadvantage if it is unclear how the piece was made. (Max 150 words)

In addition, if another craftsperson helped to finish / create your entry (i.e. polishing / setting) they may enter your piece as a separate entry under the relevant craft section (i.e s.20 Polishers) This is a great way to champion the crafts and the collaborative nature of our industry! 

(J) Daniel Munn - Enamelled Shot Glass (Image
(J) Daniel Munn - Enamelled Shot Glass (Image

Tomiko Ravn - Iris Flower Brooch - Recipient of The Phil Barnes Bursary 2020/21
Tomiko Ravn - Iris Flower Brooch

Recipient of The Phil Barnes Bursary 2020/21

The Phil Barnes Enamelling Bursary

This bursary provides an excellent incentive for all aspiring enamellers to participate in the competition.  Everyone who enters work into either of the enamelling sections will be able to apply for the bursary, which offers a marvellous opportunity to learn alongside a master enameller. 

This annual bursary has been established in memory of master enameller Phil Barnes by his wife Linda. Phil was a lifetime entrant to the competition during his long and illustrious career, promoting and encouraging the highest standards of traditional enamelling skills and techniques. This bursary and legacy will positively support the next generation of enamellers by offering some workshop experience with an established master enameller. 

Who can apply?

Entries for this bursary will be considered from both the enamelling sections using the following rationale/criteria: 

  • It is specifically for the development and advancement of enamelling technical skills through workshop experience with an established/experienced enameller
  • The bursary will be open to any entrant showing promise in their competition submission/s, and this doesn’t have to be a Gold, Silver or Bronze winner 
  • There is no age restriction

How to apply

Entrants will need to provide a brief statement, maximum 50 words, about how the bursary will enhance their enamelling practice and state their preferred technique (placeholder provided on the entry form).

Additional sections to enter

Have you considered entering your piece into a 3D Design section or an additional 3D Craft section as well?

09 Jan

Online entry deadline (for ALL entries)

25-27 Jan

All 3D entries submission / post-in days @ Goldsmiths' Centre, London

28 Feb

Awards Ceremony @ The Goldsmiths' Hall, London

09-11 Mar

Collection & post-back of entries; The Goldsmiths' Centre, London


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