The Ethics Award

A special new Award that identifies, spotlights and celebrates responsible ethical practice in the competition.

Ethical Jewellery & Smallwork - 3D finished pieces  

Valcambi are particularly enthusiastic to support the GC&DC’s aim to spotlight ethics in the competition. This Special Patron Award seeks to celebrate a successful combination of exceptional and unusual design whilst showing conviction and commitment to ethical practice. Particular emphasis will be placed upon a strong design concept and excellent craftsmanship and finishing. 

Any ethically driven entry would be eligible to be considered for this new Award and online applications would need to provide the relevant information as listed below. 

An unmissable opportunity

The winner of this Award will have the potential to liaise with Valcambi as a jewellery or smallwork designer exercising responsible and ethical practice for marketing and promotion opportunities. In addition, they will be invited to visit Valcambi in Switzerland. 

Guidance & Entry Form Requirements

  • Entries must be 3D finished Jewellery and/or smallwork;
  • Material specifications, weights and value to be listed. There is no weight restriction.   
  • Description of your design, its concept and the materials used must be provided. 
  • A statement outlining your ethical practice in the making of your entry (150 words) 


You are encouraged to be creative and original in design, manufacture to high standards of resolution and be dedicated to using ethically sourced precious materials in promoting sustainability. 

For 60 years Valcambi have refined and supplied gold, silver, platinum and palladium to professionals designing and crafting jewellery and objects that stand the test of time. Valcambi’s commitment to nurturing the natural world that inspires this work and provides these precious metals, is the foundation of its own pursuit of excellence. This is why Valcambi is at the forefront of promoting responsibly mined and sourced precious metals.

By getting to know the background, origins, lives and aspirations of the miners, Valcambi can make more conscious choices when sourcing their precious metals and always look to responsible mines. To Valcambi, this is an integral part of the pursuit of excellence.

09 Jan

Online entry deadline (for ALL entries)

25-27 Jan

All 3D entries submission / post-in days @ Goldsmiths' Centre, London

28 Feb

Awards Ceremony @ The Goldsmiths' Hall, London

09-11 Mar

Collection & post-back of entries; The Goldsmiths' Centre, London


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