The design and creation of ‘worlds’ is arguably the new cornerstone of modern entertainment. From gaming to movies and TV series, the creation of mythologies and fantastical universes to envisioning dystopian or utopian futures, these new worlds push the boundaries of our imagination as we seamlessly move between magic and reality.

The empowering jewellery designed by Yunus & Eliza for the HBO Series Game of Thrones, the ever-recognisable “one ring to rule them all” from The Lord of the Rings, and the intricate instruments from Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials  are designs conceived to build and compliment a fictional world, recognised and celebrated for their ingenuity and imagination. 

The Brief

This year we invite you to design a piece of jewellery or body adornment for a fictional character of your choosing or of your own invention. We encourage entrants to defy the limits of what is creatively and physically possible and to design as you would for a game, movie, illustration or virtual reality (VR). Crafting the idea around the character’s story and world to make it truly unique to them is paramount. Thinking about the how, why and when the piece is worn will be key to developing your design.

Your characters can be drawn from any ‘world’. Some ideas by way of prompts -

  • Mythology
  • Folklore
  • Cyberpunk
  • Sci-Fi
  • Gothic literature
  • Comics
  • Gaming

This brief has been written in collaboration with designer and artist John Moore, the winner of The Goldsmiths’ Company Award 2016 and 2019.

Design Tips

  • A short paragraph (150 words) to contextualise your ‘world’ and/or background and context for your character will be helpful as the story behind your designs will be a key factor in judging alongside the presentation and imaginative scope.  
  • As with any design brief, please ensure the specification is clear (materials, stones, elements, moving parts etc).  
  • For this challenge we encourage entrants to truly push their imaginations to the bounds and design highly considered, thoughtful and ‘gravity-defying’ pieces. As such, for this brief only, consideration for how the piece will be produced will not be judged. Think of this as a design brief from a movie or game developer/ writer of fiction as your client.

Entry Form Requirements

As per the brief criteria, there will be placeholders on the entry form for you to explain the concept behind your designs and the tools or techniques that you have used if you wish to separate text from your images. You may explain these on your designs or using the placeholders provided on the entry form, or both. 

The placeholders are: 

  • Design Concept: Please explain the idea and concept behind your design in meeting the brief requirements (Max 150 words)
  • Techniques & Technology used: It is important that you explain the techniques you have used to make your piece i.e. gouache, CAD, Illustrator, watercolours, Procreate etc. This will be used in the judging process and you may be at a disadvantage if it is unclear how the entry was designed. (Max 150 words)

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