The Brief - design for DPMP

You are invited to design and present a simple and efficient small collection/suite of complimentary jewellery to be specifically produced by Direct Precious Metal 3D Printing (also known as Selective Laser Melting or Additive Manufacturing), embracing and utilising the unique design capabilities offered by this technology.

Your proposal should demonstrate that it is the best, and probably, the only way to produce your design by this direct precious metal 3D printing process, where powdered precious metal is melted layer by layer using a laser. Designs may incorporate articulation, hollow forms, entrapped components in other materials or metals and customisation, and should consider the printing requirements to reduce support structure needed in production and enable finishing.

Examples of good design for Direct Precious Metal 3D Printing are illustrated below. Also included is a pictorial set of design guidelines. 

To be produced in 18ct yellow, red or white gold, 950 platinum or 925 silver, and should fit into a cylindrical build area of 80mm diameter x 90mm height.
Entries are to be submitted as
a) 2D work presentation and:
b) digital CAD file of the work in an error free STL file format. 

Files to be sent using the link below before the 28th February, quoting in the transfer message box:
1) GC&DC Awards 2020/21
2) Applicants name. 

Any files submitted not including these details will be void. File entries can only be submitted once so please check before submission. 

CAD files to be sent to: https://cooksongold3d.wetransfer.com/

The top three winning entries will be produced for the designers in 925 silver by Cooksongold free of charge and will be used to promote the technology with full accreditation to the designer. 

Please use this link to find out more about Direct Precious Metal 3D Printing;

This design brief was written in liaison with David Fletcher of Cooksongold.

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To assist, inform and inspire potential entrants in this category, Cooksongold hosted an online webinar on direct precious metal printing. 

Entry Form Requirements

As per the brief criteria, there will be placeholders on the entry form for you to explain the concept behind your designs and the tools or techniques that you have used if you wish to separate text from your images. You may explain these on your designs or using the placeholders provided on the entry form, or both. 

The placeholders are: 

  • Design Concept: Please explain the idea and concept behind your design in meeting the brief requirements (Max 150 words)
  • Techniques & Technology used: It is important that you explain the techniques you have used to make your piece i.e. gouache, CAD, Illustrator, watercolours, Procreate etc. This will be used in the judging process and you may be at a disadvantage if it is unclear how the entry was designed. (Max 150 words)

Judges Comments 2019/20

Last year provided a positive uplift in the quality of design submissions in this section. These demonstrated a clearer and better understanding of the technology involved in DPMP. The Gold award, won by Joanna Stroinska, was a fine example of a designer in tune with, and utilising this technology to very good effect in her winning entry.

With this upbeat development Cooksongold are again offering their exciting Patron Special Award in the 2020/201 competition, so this is another excellent invitation and encouragement to all designers with interest and a developing knowledge and understanding of this unique technological process.  The open day seminar hosted by Cooksongold last year to help designers proved to be extremely valuable, and they will be offering an online webinar to further assist and encourage more in our creative community to participate. 


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