The Brief

You are invited to examine diversity and inclusion and to explore how this can be represented or symbolised. This can be creatively interpreted in the widest possible way and relate to any section in the competition. For example, an item of jewellery, a piece of silverware, smallwork, lapidary, engraving, modelling, chasing, a statement of technology etc.

Your design can have a precious or non-precious emphasis using materials in any combination, and you are encouraged to utilise these to best suit your proposal to maximise design impact and its aesthetic values in representing Diversity & Inclusion.

The winning designer will be appropriately supported by the NAJ membership in sourcing a sponsor to manufacture their design, with the intention that their award-winning piece will be promoted by the NAJ as a contemporary statement, membership symbol and flagship representation of its association.

In addition, the NAJ will offer one of their Jet educational courses to further the career development of the prize winner.

The winner of this special award will be announced to industry press, across the NAJ’s online platforms, with a potential editorial feature in The Jeweller magazine.

 This design brief was written in liaison with Gary Wroe and Harriet Kelsall of the NAJ. 

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Entry Form Requirements

As per the brief criteria, there will be placeholders on the entry form for you to explain the concept behind your designs and the tools or techniques that you have used if you wish to separate text from your images. You may explain these on your designs or using the placeholders provided on the entry form, or both. 

The placeholders are: 

  • Design Concept: Please explain the idea and concept behind your design in meeting the brief requirements (Max 150 words)
  • Techniques & Technology used: It is important that you explain the techniques you have used to make your piece i.e. gouache, CAD, Illustrator, watercolours, Procreate etc. This will be used in the judging process and you may be at a disadvantage if it is unclear how the entry was designed. (Max 150 words)

About NAJ & British Allied Trades Federation

For the 20/21 Goldsmiths’ competition, the NAJ, in association with the British Allied Trades Federation, are sponsoring a special award that offers a unique 2D design challenge; to encourage a diversity of interpretation and cosmopolitan use of materials that reflects and represents its diverse membership portfolio.


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