The Brief

J) Junior            S) Senior

Any sculpted subject, including medals, may be submitted in any media e.g. wax, plastics, wood, plaster etc. With any finished work, you must list all processes undertaken following the modelling stage up to completion i.e. chasing, filing, carving, polishing etc.

If CAD/CAM/RP/3D printing is used you must state what you have employed and the extent to which this has been used. Materials and methods of manufacture used must be specified i.e. hand, production, technological processes etc. 

Judges will be looking to identify quality modelling and artistic sculpting skills.

Judges Comments 2019/20

A good variety of carving techniques and use of modelling materials, the judges were encouraged but urged entrants to extend time spent on 3D modelling and take the finishing to a higher level.


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