The Brief

(Previously Fashion Jewellery)
Entries for jewellery or body adornment using any combinations of materials will be judged on creative concept, design and innovation. We welcome experimental, artistic work and one-off pieces that have an engaging story or concept behind the designs. The jewellery can be unique and non-repeatable.

A visual explanation of the design concept behind the product, as you would present a design to a client, will be well-received by the judges (1 page maximum). Please ensure there is no reference to your name, business etc. on this card, or it cannot be used when judging.

Entries will be judged as much on the design as the creative concept behind the work. The quality of the finishing is important.  

Judges Comments 2019/20

Judges were complimentary last year and very encouraged with the overall standard of entries, which showed good diversity and thought-provoking concepts. Interesting combinations of materials and technology, integrated with wit and humour.


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