Due to the obvious impact and ongoing implications of Covid-19 regarding everyone’s safety while running the competition, we have worked out a very good plan for the 20/21 awards, and this has been ratified by the Goldsmiths’ Centre team. Probably of no surprise , the preliminary judging will be taking place online through entrants digital submissions as part of our revised application process. Selected entries will then be invited to post or deliver their work for physical judging sessions at the Goldsmiths’ Centre, for final consideration and decisions on awards.  

The Council relies on the generosity of industry professionals who give their time freely to peer review the Award submissions each year. All our judges are drawn from the trade and industry and are experts in their respective fields.

An Overview of the Judging Process

Judges reach their decisions collectively as a panel of experts.

Judges are
not asked to decide which of the entries is 'the best' in that section. The aims and objectives of the judges are to decide whether an entry is of a high enough standard in craftsmanship and/or design to merit an Award, and if so, at what level i.e. Gold, Silver or Bronze. Judges are under no compulsion to make any Award/s if they consider that the bench mark standards has not been achieved.

All entries will be segregated into Junior and Senior for judging in the majority of the craft sections.

As a guide, and working to a principal framework and maxim of 1 x Gold, 2 x Silver and 3 x Bronzes, judges may give more than this if the work warrants it.

Collectively, Judges & Council Members are asked to make recommendations to consider entries for additional special Awards e.g. Junior, Senior, Goldsmiths' Company, Jacques Cartier, Special Council Awards & Patron Special Awards.

In the event of Judges unable to agree on a unanimous decision, a majority vote will be accepted from a panel of judges.

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