NOW CLOSED - Love in the Lockdown - 2D Jewellery Design Project

This is an exciting opportunity for you to exercise and express your creativity and inventive ideas in a design challenge that we have put together for jewellers. This has been made possible with the close collaboration of GC&DC’s Special Patrons Brown and Newirth, who enthusiastically want to partner in this incentive.  

You are invited to submit 2D ideas to the design brief below and will need to clearly communicate your proposal well, and a 1:1 scale drawing must be included.  This is not a Goldsmiths’ competition question, but rather seen as a great chance to engage in a design project now. It is also the intention to manufacture the winning design in liaison with Brown & Newirth. Equally, this opportunity is intended to help our creative community to participate, interact, share and enjoy.

Please ensure you are familiar with the guidelines before proceeding.

Context & Concept
The current lockdown has had a profound impact on how we’re all living and feeling, but most importantly on one emotion: love.

Couples are cohabiting for the first time, families are learning, cooking and keeping fit together, and neighbours are showing greater care for their communities. But for those intended to be engaged or married during this time, coronavirus has been an unwelcoming guest. Special plans have been put on hold or the big day sadly postponed for a future date, and yet our love continues to shine.

In this exciting collaborative project, Brown & Newirth and The Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council want to signify and celebrate how love is surviving and thriving during the lockdown and beyond.

Design Brief – Love in the Lockdown
We are inviting the jewellery community to design creative jewellery entitled
‘Love in the Lockdown’, suitable to be gifted to a couple or an individual whose celebrations have been impacted by the lockdown.

With the overarching theme of love, be it relating to engagement, wedding or partners coming together, you are invited to design creative ideas, balanced with an awareness of the circumstances that this unprecedented period has inflicted. Select any or all of the of the topics below and be as inventive as possible. Your design must include a drawing to scale within your proposal.

o   Love Tokens

o   Bridal wear

o   Engagement/Wedding/Partner Rings

Love Tokens
Design a pair of love tokens to be given to a couple who have been unable to get engaged, married or join as partners during this time.

Bridal Wear
A bride’s attire is always complete and enhanced from well-chosen and complimentary jewellery. Design a Necklace/Necklet and matching Earrings for a bride’s outfit.

Engagement/Wedding/Partner Rings
Design a ring set in any combination for a couple who have been unable to get engaged, married or come together because of the restrictions and financial impact from coronavirus.

To be made in gold in any colour or combination, and sensitively decorated with diamonds and complimentary precious gemstones. On the assumption of a positive outcome from this project, it is the intention that the winning design will be manufactured and presented to the winning designer.  

Market research on bridal wear provided by Brown & Newirth is accessible via these links:   

Your inspiration can come from any theme or subject matter of your choice, and suggested topics could be: the historical notion of giving love tokens, the rituals of a wedding day or ceremony, springtime in the UK, iconography or symbolism relating to hope, love, union and happiness etc. 

This project is open for 3 weeks. The deadline for submissions will be midnight, Sunday 31 May 2020.


  • Please ensure that you are familiar with the submission guidelines and format before proceeding.
  • A 1:1 scale drawing must be included in your design proposal.
  • 2D design proposals need to be submitted to GC&DC via email at:
  • Please DO NOT submit via post.

Collaborative Partners
This design brief has been written in partnership with Brown & Newirth’s Managing Director, Special Patrons to the GC&DC.   


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