Rules, Regulations & Guidelines 2019/20

1) ELIGIBILITY: The awards are open to anyone in the United Kingdom engaged in designing or working with precious metals, gemstones and other allied materials.

2) TIME LIMIT: Work must have been completed in the UK within the 12 months preceding the closing dates for entries.

3) CLOSING DATES: All entries MUST be delivered between 10.00am and 4.00pm to:
Brian Hill & Alma Geller –
GC&DC, The Goldsmiths’ Centre, 42 Britton Street, London EC1M 5AD.

10th January for:                                   SECTIONS 1 – 9        (2D Designs)

20st & 21st January for:                     SECTIONS 10 – 31  (All 3D Entries)

Entries sent by post must reach the Goldsmiths’ Centre on or before the appropriate closing dates. Entries arriving after these dates may not be judged. Entrants are responsible for the delivery and collection of their work to and from the Goldsmiths’ Centre, 42 Britton Street, Clerkenwell, London EC1M 5AD.

4) ENTRY PROCEDURE: All completed entries should receive a confirmation email; there is no need to include a copy of this when submitting your work. If you are posting your work please include your name and contact details in the box. The deadlines specified are final and there are no extensions. Judging starts immediately after the submissions dates.

5) MULTIPLE ENTRIES: Entrants may submit multiple entries in any appropriate section/s. Where more than one entrant is involved in the making/setting/polishing for example in the same piece/s, separate applications are required for this.

6) INSURANCE: The Council accepts liability for physical loss or damage to entries not exceeding £1,000 in value only to the extent of the indemnity received from its insurance with T.H. March & Co. Ltd. and subject to the conditions of that policy. The insurance only covers goods in the care of the Council. Any claim against the Council must be made within four weeks of the last date for collection (6 March 2020). ITEMS WHICH EXCEED £1,000 IN VALUE SHOULD BE INSURED BY THE ENTRANT as the Council accepts no liability for loss or damage to them howsoever caused. In the event of difficulties, please contact T.H. March, tel. 01732 462 886.

7) ‘SENIOR & JUNIOR ENTRIES’: If you are undergoing training on a recognised full or part time course of study or undertaking a registered apprenticeship you will be defined as a ‘Junior’. For students only, this includes a period of three years after completing your formal studies. All other entrants will be classed as ‘Senior’.

8) JUDGING: Entries in each section will be judged by specialist industry experts. Entrant names will not be disclosed to the judges. Judges will also be asked to nominate work to go forward to the special, major and premier awards and for exhibition.

9) AWARDS: Judges may give Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards appropriate to Councils benchmark standards.

10) MULTIPLE AWARDS: When an entrant has submitted more than one entry in the same section it is possible that judges may select the same entrant for more than one award. There is no restriction on the number of awards the same entrant may receive.

11) THE VALCAMBI COLLEGE TROPHY AWARD: This Award is sponsored by new Principal Patrons Valcambi. The allocation of tool/equipment vouchers must be taken up by the expiry date.

12) WITHHOLDING AWARDS: Judges may choose not to give awards in any section if they consider the quality of the entries to be of insufficient merit. Therefore, the Council gives no guarantee that all the available prizes will be awarded. The Council also reserves the right to withhold any award for an entry not made available for exhibition.

13) AWARDS CEREMONY: Attendance at the Awards Ceremony at Goldsmiths’ Hall is strictly by invitation only. Due to limited places, priority will be given to award winners and their guests.

14) EXHIBITION: Award winning entries and a selection of other entrant work will be displayed in the exhibition entirely at the discretion of the judges and Council. Exhibiting at Goldsmiths’ Hall is an honour. To maintain standards all entries will be subject to a selection process.

15) COLLECTION OF ENTRIES: All entries must be collected from The Goldsmiths’ Centre between 10.00am and 4.00pm on either of the following days: Thursday 5th and Friday 6th March 2020.

For security and record purposes, work will only be released upon production of the numbered ticket issued by the GC&DC team on delivery. Postal deliveries are recorded separately and will be returned to the address given by Special Delivery. Items valued under £1,000 will be charged £35 for postage, packing and insurance, payable when filling out an online application form. For items (large) above this, additional costs of postage, packing and insurance will be added.

Any entries not collected after the 6 March 2020 will incur a charge of £50 per item per month. Entries not collected within two months following the above date can be disposed of at the discretion of the Council.


At Goldsmiths’ Hall on Monday 24 February 2020 – by invitation only

Open to the public from Tuesday 25th - Friday 28 February 2020
10.00 to 5pm, with the exception of Wednesday 26 February, open until 8pm



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