Premier Award

Given at the discretion of the Council for exceptional and outstanding design in 2D and 3D entries. It is only awarded when, in the Council’s judgement, an entry achieves the highest standard of design and originality. Along with the honour of winning this prestigious award the recipient will receive a cash prize.

The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths

The Goldsmiths' Company, through the Goldsmiths' Arts Trust Fund, is our Founding Patron, and has been lynchpin and consistent supporter since the formation of the Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council in 1908. There is no doubt that this unprecedented level of steadfast support has been the single most important factor in enabling the Council to establish, develop and improve its organisation and operation in support of the profession. The Council and its unique craftsmanship and design awards serves the industry it supports and encourages a culture of raising the standards of craftsmanship, design and technology in search of excellence.

Founding & Leading Patron

Winner of the Goldsmiths´ Company Award 2019/20

Wayne Meeten
Dance in the Night Sky Vase

Winner of the Goldsmiths´ Company Award 2018/19

John Moore
‘Lacewing Verto’ Necklace 

Winner of the Goldsmiths´ Company Award 2017/18

Miriam Hanid
Radiance Centrepiece


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