Promoting Excellence In
Craftsmanship & Design

The Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council is an organisation
that promotes the highest standards in design and craftsmanship
within the jewellery, goldsmithing, silversmithing industry and allied crafts.


to the Goldsmiths' Craft and Design Council's website. We hope you will find all the information you need, whether it is to enter these nationwide industry awards, find out about sponsorship or if you are just interested in contemporary design. We welcome comments so do get in touch if there is anything you would like to see represented on this site.

Please watch our video to learn more about our annual competition.

Retrospective Exhibition is Open

Wednesday 16 January marked the opening of the GC&DC 2018 Award Winners Retrospective Exhibition at The Goldsmiths' Centre.
Each year the Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council attracts over 600 competition entries from talented UK based designers and craftsmen. This exhibition promotes and celebrates their award-winning work ranging from jewellery to tableware and objet d’art. 

In addition, this exhibition embraces a feature showcase of competition entrants who have won the highly acclaimed Goldsmiths’ Company Award, which is only given when the highest standards of design and originality have been achieved.   

Opening times: Mon - Fri, 9am - 6pm
Closing Date: 04 Mar 2019

The Goldsmiths' Craft & Design Council (GC&DC) is a flagship organisation for the industry that continues to promote, support and enhance skills and excellence across every aspect and activity in the precious metals profession. The Council achieves this through its annual competition, abiding by its original remit and primary aim; to promote and enhance excellence in craftsmanship and design.

This competition has helped to launch the careers of many eminent craftspeople in the profession and are the only peer reviewed awards in the industry's calendar. Fondly known as the 'Oscars of the Industry' they reward outstanding technical skill and design ability. The Awards are open to anyone in the United Kingdom engaged in designing or working with precious metals, gemstones and other related materials. The competition covers all areas of activity; 2D and 3D Design and 3D Craft categories and we encourage everyone to enter.



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