The Junior Award

Sponsored by Tracr

Tracr™ is extremely excited to partner with The Goldsmiths' Craft & Design Council, sponsoring this year's Junior Award. We at Tracr believe in a world where innovation and opportunity are the status quo, this award will aim to promote and recognise talent at the early stages of one's career.

The Junior Award is given at the discretion of the Council for a piece or range of work produced by an entrant that is judged to have achieved the highest standard of craftsmanship and/or design. 

Entrants in any of the craft and design sections who have been awarded a minimum of a gold award in the competition, at Junior level,  will be considered for this award.

Junior & Senior classification

Junior and Senior classification in the competition are defined as: 

If you are undergoing training on a recognised full or part time course of study or undertaking a registered apprenticeship you will be defined as a ‘Junior’. For students only, this includes a period of three years after completing your formal studies, but you may opt to be considered as a Senior. 

All other entrants will be classed as a ‘Senior’, including apprentices who have completed their apprenticeship.

Daniel Munn - Silver Enamelled Venetian Mask
Junior Award 2022/23

Sponsored by Tracr

Tracr is the world’s first fully distributed diamond traceability platform that starts at the source and operates at scale, bringing the ability to explore the provenance, authenticity and unique journey a natural diamond has taken along the diamond value chain. Our ambition is to promote transparency and enhanced confidence in natural diamonds, using the power of digital storytelling.

The backbone of the Tracr platform is fully distributed blockchain technology. As a diamond travels through the value chain, information is uploaded to the blockchain at different stages. This means that Tracr creates unchangeable, tamper-proof digital records for individual diamonds as they move from source to manufacturer, to the store. With its innovative approach and advanced technology, Tracr provides a robust solution for today's needs while helping the diamond industry to prepare for the future.

A unique opportunity...

The winner of the Junior Award will be invited to:

  • Visit the Tracr offices in London to meet the team and understand how its mission to provide provenance at scale to the natural diamond industry, helped it become one of Forbes top 50 blockchain companies.  

  • A tour of the De Beers Institute of Diamonds newly refurbished grading and research facility in Maidenhead, where the diamond industry's leading experts convene to continue exploring our fascination with mother natures greatest miracle



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