2D Hand Rendering Award

Special Award sponsored by Sheffield Assay Office

We are delighted to be partnering with Sheffield Assay Office for this significant award in celebrating their 250th Anniversary as Special Patrons to the GC&DC for the 2023/24 awards. 

This Special Award highlights the importance and value of recognising excellent presentation and communication skills in 2D design work as per industry’s expectations and requirements.

The award recognises and rewards outstanding skills, presentation, and professionalism in the use of traditional hand-rendering techniques, in order to present and communicate a design. 

There is only one winner for this award, which is given if Council’s benchmark standards have been met/achieved.   


Judges will be looking for: 

  • Visual and written communication skills

  • Technical/elevation drawings 

  • Quality and standard of presentation, professionalism and consideration; and

  • Creative use and proficient deployment of hand rendering materials and tools i.e. gouache, acrylics, pencil, watercolour etc. 

  • Written description and costings

Judges feedback

 Tip for entrants: Spell check! And keep it simple - many entrants felt the need to show every single angle of the piece, sometimes multiple times. One clear image highlighting all the details is sometimes may be all that is needed."

"Do not be afraid of pushing the boundaries of your imagination while keeping to the brief. Please present your work as if you were putting it before a client"

03 Jul - 12 Sep

Goldsmiths' Centre Summer Exhibition 

Oct 2024

Competition briefs launch

Jan 2025

Submission deadline

Mar 2025

Awards Ceremony @ The Goldsmiths' Hall


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