Peridot Jewellery - Year of the Dragon

Design neckwear as a Pendant Necklace or Necklet entitled ‘Year of the Dragon’. 

Following two highly successful design briefs focusing on the inherent beauty of Peridot, we are delighted to be partnering again with Fuli Gemstones International Holdings Limited, as a GC&DC Principal Patron.

This year’s theme celebrates Chinese New Year, and 2024 is the Year of the Dragon. Dragons are deeply rooted symbols in Chinese culture. The historic imperial throne is known as the dragon seat and the historic emperor’s ceremonial robes are called dragon robes.

Dragon, an animal in ancient Chinese mythology, is one of the most important symbols of the Chinese nation. According to legend, in ancient China, the dragon could fly, could transform, could summon the wind and rain. Dragon emblems can be found in carvings on the stairs, walkways, furniture, and clothes of the Imperial Palace.

Fuli’s Peridot mine is set in the tranquil Changbai Mountains in China, the outline of the mountain range resembles a dragon’s back, and according to myth and legend, the Peridots are supposed to represent the eyes of the dragon. 

Design neckwear as a Pendant Necklace or Necklet entitled ‘Year of the Dragon’. 

Please use only Peridot exclusively for your design, and each gemstone is to be no larger than 3 carats.

Key design requirements...

  • Your proposal must include accurate technical line drawings to scale as part of your presentation for the judge’s attention and taking your design/s into manufacture.  

  • You will need to ensure that your jewellery can be successfully translated into 3 dimensions that will be faithful to your design.

  • Your design/s should be considered as one-off pieces that can be fabricated by hand, CAD or in combination. 


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A Global Opportunity

Following the Awards ceremony and exhibition at Goldsmiths’ Hall, and subject to judges’  consideration, Fuli Gemstones will explore the possibility and potential in taking their design into manufacture. This will include providing the Peridot gemstones from their available stocks.

Again, subject to Fuli Gemstones satisfaction the finished jewel/s will then be promoted by their marketing team, with a global outreach. This will include promotion at international trade fairs in Hong Kong, Geneva & Shanghai. Fuli will also extend an invitation to visit its London subsidiary office and operation. 

The following cut & polished shapes can be considered: Fuli cut (cushion), round, marquise, octagon and oval. Designs should only incorporate individual Peridots that are no greater than 3cts. 

Fuli Gemstones seek to work with designers on one-off projects such as this, supported by active global marketing initiatives, coupled with traceability on its gemstones from its own Peridot mine.


You are encouraged to research in depth, this is a great way to find exciting, inspiring and different ideas that can answer the design brief really well, with a difference and that helps to make your proposal be a one off, and a statement that would befit the sponsors company ethos through their environmentally responsible gemstone mining. If you want to know more about Fuli Gemstones please visit their website and here are a few links articles on Fuli Gemstones that will be helpful:

Guidance & Entry Form Requirements

Entries must comply with the 2D design guidelines;

  • Excellent standards of visual communication and presentation will be highly regarded;
  • Evidence of an understanding of Fuli Gemstones and Peridot;
  • Description of your design, the concept and material specifications (Peridots, other gemstones and finished weight) must be provided on the design board.
  • Outline method/s of manufacture.

Entrants are requested to declare on the entry form if they have had their design rendered by a CAD technician or a digital artist.

Techniques & Technology used: It is important that you explain the techniques you have used to make your piece i.e. gouache, CAD, Illustrator, watercolours, Procreate etc. (Max 50 words)


  • Designs are to be presented on one side only and mounted on card, foam board or equivalent backing board. 
  • Paper only entries are not acceptable. 
  • For all entries: x1 design board per entry.

Maximum presentation dimensions

x1 A3 (297 x 420 mm)


  • Do not put your name or identity/logos on the front of the design to ensure anonymity;
  • Please ensure your name is on the reverse of your design board;
  • Entries that don’t conform to the above requirements may be disqualified.

The vision of Fuli Gemstones is to become a leading global producer and supplier of quality Peridot gemstones, and to build one of the most innovative, creative, and environmentally responsible gemstone mining companies in the world, with a business that encompasses mining, processing, marketing and sales. 

Within seven years, Fuli Gemstones has successfully established operating subsidiaries in Dunhua, Beijing, Hong Kong and London, and built a solid team of professional, multi-cultural and vibrant management. Championing an open mind-set and progressive thinking, this team is dedicated to developing Fuli Gemstones into an industry leader in Peridot gemstone mining.  

Fuli Gemstones is resolute in the offering of a consistent supply of quality Peridot gemstones with full traceability, adhering to safety standards for its mining production, and supported by active global marketing and brand initiatives. Fuli Gemstones is reawakening interest in this visually astonishing green gemstone. The intensity of color depends on the iron present in Peridot’s chemical composition, which is the colouring agent in Peridot.  

Fuli would like to champion new partnerships with established brands and designers, and believe in nurturing new talent.

14 Jan

Deadline for all entry forms (midnight) - CLOSED FOR ENTRIED

16 - 18 Jan

Entry submission days @ the Goldsmiths' Centre, Farringdon. 

04 Mar

Awards Ceremony @ The Goldsmiths' Hall

5 - 8 Mar

Awards Exhibition @ The Goldsmiths' Hall

13-14 Mar

Entry return & post back days


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