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03 Jul - 12 Sep

Goldsmiths' Centre Summer Exhibition 

Oct 2024

Competition briefs launch

Jan 2025

Submission deadline

Mar 2025

Awards Ceremony @ The Goldsmiths' Hall

Entering the Competition

Who can enter?

This competition is open to anyone engaged in designing and making in the UK. You are encouraged to have a go and get involved because the ethos and primary aim is to help everyone to raise their standards in search of excellence.

Does my entry have to have been made this year?

Yes, work submitted to the competition needs to have been completed in the UK within the last entry dates of the previous competition i.e between January 2022 to January 2023.

Is there a fee to enter the competition?

There is no charge for entering a design or 3D piece of work into the competition irrespective of the number of entries you wish to submit. For posting back your work there is a p&p fee - see below.

Can I submit more than one entry?

Entrants may submit multiple entries in any appropriate section/s.  

Can I submit work in more than one section?

A 2D design can only be entered in one 2D design section.
A 3D entry can be entered in ONE 3D design section only, and in as many 3D craft sections that may be relevant. 

All 3D entries, if eligible, can be entered into further 'craft & design' sections. 

What is the difference between "Junior" & "Senior"?

If you are undergoing training on a recognised full or part time course of study or undertaking a registered apprenticeship you will be defined as a ‘Junior’. For students only, this includes a period of three years after completing your formal studies but entrants can opt to be considered a 'Senior' via the entry form. All other entrants will be classed as ‘Senior’ including apprentices who have completed their training. 

Delivery, postage & insurance.

How long will you hold my work?

All 2D and 3D entries need to be with us by 17-19 Jan 2024 (drop off in-person / by post). We will arrange the post out / collection days for your work on 13-15 Mar 2024.

If you are an award winner, we may request to hold onto your work for longer for ongoing GC&DC exhibitions in the spring and early  summer & will contact you to ask if wish to be included. 

Is my work insured?

The Council accepts liability for physical loss or damage to entries not exceeding £1,000 in value only to the extent of the indemnity received from its insurance with T.H. March & Co. Ltd. and subject to the conditions of that policy. The insurance only covers goods in the care of the Council. Any claim against the Council must be made within four weeks of the last date for collection. ITEMS WHICH EXCEED £1,000 IN VALUE SHOULD BE INSURED BY THE ENTRANT as the Council accepts no liability for loss or damage to them howsoever caused. If your entry is valued above £1000 and you require further information to insure your work, please do contact us at 

In the event of difficulties, please contact T.H. March, tel. 01732 462 886. 

What are the postage fees and where do I post my entry?

For posting back work, entries will be charged:

  •  £15 / £35 (2D/3D Entries) for postage, packing and insurance. 
  • For items insured above £1000, additional postage costs, including packing and insurance, will be charged for the return.
  • International postage will have an additional charge

Postal address:

GC&DC - Alexandra & Banita
The Goldsmiths' Centre

42 Britton Street,


How will my work be judged?

All entries are anonymised, and judges are not provided with any identifying information to ensure that judging remains fair and impartial.

Judging of 2D designs and 3D finished work / entries will take place in person at the Goldsmiths' Centre.

We ask entrants to ensure their work has no identifying marks. Any such marks (i.e. logos, names) will be disguised where possible. If we are unable to remove or hide these, your entry may unfortunately be void. 

Hallmarks are acceptable. 

An Overview of the Judging Process

The Council relies on the generosity of industry professionals who give their time freely to peer review the Award submissions each year. All our judges are drawn from the trade and industry and are experts in their respective fields.

Judges reach their decisions collectively as a panel of experts.

Judges are not asked to decide which of the entries is 'the best' in that section. The aims and objectives of the judges are to decide whether an entry is of a high enough standard in craftsmanship and/or design to merit an Award, and if so, at what level i.e. Gold, Silver or Bronze. Judges are under no compulsion to make any Award/s if they consider that the bench mark standards have not been achieved.

All entries will be segregated into Junior and Senior for judging in the 3D craft sections.

As a guide, and working to a principal framework and maxim of 1 x Gold, 2 x Silver and 3 x Bronzes, judges may give more than this if the work warrants it.

Collectively, Judges & Council Members are asked to make recommendations to consider entries for additional Awards e.g. Junior, Senior, Goldsmiths' Company, Jacques Cartier, Special Council Bursary's & 2D Hand rendering & Computer Generated Design Awards. 

In the event of Judges unable to agree on a unanimous decision, a majority vote will be accepted from a panel of judges.


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