Contemporary Platinum Rings 

We warmly welcome the return of Platinum Guild International (PGI) to the competition as Named Award Patrons who are sponsoring this section to promote Platinum jewellery, the most noble and durable of precious metals.

Rings are ever present, universal and represent a major part of the worldwide jewellery market. Within this it is also more difficult to source and identify design led rings of individuality that appeal to potential customers seeking something different, special and alluring. 

Your challenge is to design Platinum Rings for every day wear on the theme of ‘Romantic Rebel’ - a design trend that is edgy, yet fantastical; self-assured and defiant.  The rings should not be statement pieces, but emblems and tokens that are tasteful yet functional for daily wear.  For more information, influence and inspiration on the theme of ‘Romantic Rebel’ trend, please see here for videos on the identified 11 design motifs. 

All designs must incorporate the following:  

  • Select an international celebrity as your client, Rings that they would wear off-camera as part of their daily wardrobe and tailor your design that would appeal to their life style and fashion attire.

  • Platinum is the focus and attention in this brief but diamonds, pearls and/or other gems/materials can be incorporated to enhance your platinum designs. Platinum needs to be the main stake holder (at least two thirds) of your proposal.

  • Designs should successfully translate into manufacture and keeping the finished gramme weights within familiar margins for platinum rings i.e., that they are able to be competitive in the platinum jewellery market.

  • Avoid the use of highly personalised symbols in your design/s, and instead design for your chosen celebrity client based on their aspirations, values, and style profile, so that your design may also appeal to a wider audience of similar profiling.  

A brilliant opportunity...

Following the Awards ceremony and exhibition at Goldsmiths’ Hall, and from their considerable experience in Platinum Jewellery, PGI, through their global consumer marketing and educational programmes will offer advice and guidance to the winning designer about the market of Platinum Jewellery.  

Guidance & Entry Form Requirements

Entries must comply with the 2D design and submission guidelines: 

  • Good standards of visual communication and presentation will be highly regarded;

  • Description of your design, the concept and material specifications (gemstones, metals etc) must be provided on the design board.

  • Outline method/s of manufacture where relevant. 

  • Entrants are requested to declare on the entry form if they have had their design rendered by a CAD technician or a digital artist.

Techniques & Technology used: It is important that you explain the techniques you have used to make your piece i.e. gouache, CAD, Illustrator, watercolours, Procreate etc. (Max 50 words)


  • Designs are to be presented on one side only and mounted on card, foam board or equivalent backing board. 
  • Paper only entries are not acceptable. 
  • For all entries: x1 design board per entry.

Maximum presentation dimensions

x1 A3 (297 x 420 mm)


  • Do not put your name or identity/logos on the front of the design to ensure anonymity;
  • Please ensure your name is on the reverse of your design board;
  • Entries that don’t conform to the above requirements may be disqualified.

Platinum Guild International (PGI) is a marketing organisation which was created in 1975 with the vision to develop the global platinum jewellery market as a new demand source for platinum.  PGI’s marketing and educational programmes are focused on developing awareness and an appreciation for platinum’s unique qualities as a precious metal for fine jewellery.

In addition, PGI works collaboratively with partners globally, running extensive marketing programmes in the four main platinum jewellery markets of China, Japan, USA and India. These markets are staffed with experts in product development, marketing, retail, design and business development.

14 Jan

Deadline for all entry forms (midnight) - CLOSED FOR ENTRIED

16 - 18 Jan

Entry submission days @ the Goldsmiths' Centre, Farringdon. 

04 Mar

Awards Ceremony @ The Goldsmiths' Hall

5 - 8 Mar

Awards Exhibition @ The Goldsmiths' Hall

13-14 Mar

Entry return & post back days


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