2022 Craftsmanship & Design Awards


1.     Judges should reach their decisions in consultation with each other.

2.     Judges are not expected to give percentage marks for entries.

3.     Judges are not asked to decide which of the entries before them is ‘the best’ in that section. They are asked to establish whether there is an entry of a high enough standard in craftsmanship and/or design to merit an Award, and if so, at what level i.e. Gold, Silver or Bronze. Judges are under no compulsion to make any Award/s if they consider that the Councils benchmark standards have not been met.

4.     The Junior and Senior classifications apply in the craft sections only, but the criteria above (item 3) applies to both levels. All entries will be segregated into Junior and Senior for judging in these sections.

5.     As a guide, and working to a principle framework and maxim of 1 x Gold, 2 x Silver and 3 x Bronze awards. Judges may give more than this if the standard of work warrants it.

6.     When Awarding Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards the judges will need to sign the official judging sheet to confirm agreement of the awards given in that session. For the digital judging sessions, the meeting will be recorded for internal use to record the panel's decisions. 

7.     Collectively, Judges are asked to make recommendations for Council to consider entries for additional special awards e.g. Patron Special Awards, Junior, Senior, Goldsmiths’ Company, Jacques Cartier. Judges will be sent feedback forms after the session for their summary and thoughts on the session and entries. 

8.     In the event of Judges unable to agree on a unanimous decision, a majority vote will be accepted from a panel of 3 judges. In exceptional circumstances (a panel of 4 judges or more), the Chairman will exercise a second casting vote.   

9.  It is normal practice for the chair of a judging panel to be a council member of the GC&DC.

Thank you in advance for your attendance, participation and valued contribution.


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